The ADVantage System

Tools For Trainers & Coaches


The ADVantage System is designed to help coaches and trainers in facilitating workshops, team-building and coaching situations. With over a decade of use in Asia the 2018 edition is all new and caters to the workforce of today.

ADV - ABILITIES, DESIRES & VALUES represent the 3 anchors that determine the driving force of every individual and team.  It connects the dots to our innate passion to achieve great things. As a self-assessment instrument, clients are more committed to the results they produce.

Produced in both English and Simplified Chinese, it caters to a much wider audience, across multi-cultural work-teams and intimate enough for individuals to find their Advantage in their career and life goals.


Abilities represents a variety of core transferable skills that individuals acquire or learn in the course of paid or unpaid work. This tool helps individuals prioritise the core skills they wish to utilise towards a job role, project or for a future role. As an additional measure, it can also reveal skills one enjoy using most on a regular basis.


Drivers are the motivation behind people’s actions, desires, and needs. Drivers are also one’s direction to behaviour, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behaviour. This tool helps individuals identify and prioritise what keeps them going, what drives them to achieve their goals, what fuels them every day to want to hop out of bed and show up!


Values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. It guides your decision making on a daily basis. At work, when values align with what you do, you get a sense of satisfaction or contentment. This tool helps individuals identify and prioritise what their values are in relation to how it impacts their work.

Paul Stevens

The ADVantage System Card Sorts reflect the exemplary level of professionalism and integrity that I know is inherent in all the work of Martin Ross. His humanity and care for delivering assistance to others , both clients and their helpers, is admirable. This coaching tool is an excellent example of these qualities.

Paul Stevens,
Fellow/Life Member, Career Development Association of Australia


Executive & Career Coaching, Team-Building, Creative Thinking, Organisational Development, Career Management


Abilities Card Sort

44 key transferable skills essential of today’s business requirements.  Help your clients discover what they are good at and enjoy doing!

Bilingual English & Simplified Chinese.

Drivers (Motivation) Self-Assessment Card Sort Instrument

Drivers Card Sort

43 drivers to help your client identify what motivates them, keep them passionate and achieve greater things!

Bilingual English & Simplified Chinese.

Values Self-Assessment Card Sort Instrument

Values Card Sort

43 Value descriptors to help your client connect to their true self and align to business goals.

Bilingual English & Simplified Chinese.

Help Your Clients
Achieve More!

Benefits of the ADVantage System

The ADVantage System can be used for one to one coaching, workshops (concurrent in-person session) or group (concurrent in-person sessions as a group). Card sorting during these sessions will give your clients a better understanding of themselves and colleagues by clarifying the role of Abilities, Drivers and Values in the working environment.

The ADVantage System is perfect for coaches, trainers, career counsellors for the following reasons:

  • Non-intimidating / non-threatening,
  • Self-Directed (i.e. the person sorting the cards have full ownership),
  • Reflective Thinking (i.e. the person sorting the cards go through a self-discovery),
  • Active engagement (i.e. Kinaesthetic Learning, Visual
  • Learning and Auditory Learning),
  • Facilitates internal and external dialogue,
  • No bias by the facilitator,
  • Designed for multi-cultural work environments in Asia,
  • Reusable - unlike per per use tools, there is no additional cost. Use on as many clients as you wish!
  • Bilingual - English on one side and Simplified Chinese on the reverse.
  • Abilities, Drivers & Values Convergence

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