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The first version of an Asian developed self-assessment instrument was published in 2004, in Singapore, with the guidance and support of Paul Stevens, founder of Worklife, Australia; author of numerous career and coaching books and resources.  Mr Stevens felt strongly that the tools developed in foreign markets had to be localised for its culture and context to make it relevant for the people of Asia.  It is with that encouragement and support that we developed the Asia version of card-sort instruments that included a Chinese version as well.

Now, after 14 years we are pleased to reintroduce a brand new version of an already familiar tool amongst thousands of executive coaches, career development practitioners and trainers. A tool that is reimagined for the workforce of the 21st century, The ADVantage System overcomes the challenges coaches and trainers encounter in connecting at a visceral level with clients and the organisations they work with.

It has been intensively used for training internal coaches at the institutes of higher learning in Singapore including National University of Technology (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University of Singapore (SMU), Polytechnics and ITEs.

Additionally, it has been the basis of career guidance counselling used by the Ministry of Manpower/Workforce Development Agency and the Ministry of Education, Singapore for educating coaches.

At the corporate level, it is utilised for career and organisational development, team building, visioning exercises, change management and creative thinking programs.

This edition has been updated for currency with the unending efforts of Martin Ross & Terence Chiew.

Martin Ross

Martin Ross

Martin Ross is one of the pioneers in career coaching in Singapore as far back as 1998.  As the co-founder of Worklife Asia, he introduced career coaching and management into Singapore and the region. 

The Ministry of Manpower appointed Worklife Asia to develop Careerlink - Singapore's first one-stop career centre and to conduct Career Coaching Certification programs for would be career coaches for the centre.

He subsequently went on to develop coaching programs for prestigious clients such as Visa International, Ministry of Defence, Infocomm Development Agency, Cathay Pacific Airways, Abacus (nka Sabre), and many other organisations.

He also developed youth programs with the Ministry of Education's Career Guidance Department for institutes of higher learning (IHL) which included the universities, polytechnics as well as Institute of Technical Education.

He was integral in the development of career coaching programs that were catered to Singapore Prisons,  SCORE - helping ex-prisoners find suitable employment as well as working with youth at risk.

Today, Martin is the Managing Consultant of Division Bell Group, a business transformation consulting company that focuses on helping businesses face the challenges of the new economy.  As a coach and facilitator Martin developed the ADVantage System for coaches, consultants and trainers so that they too may better connect with their clients and inspire passion.

Terence Chiew

Terence Chiew

Terence Chiew is one of the pioneering career coaches trained and certified by Paul Stevens in 2002, founder of Worklife, Australia.  He has facilitated career transition workshops supported by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) from 2009 to 2017. 

Effectively bilingual (English and Mandarin), he has been interviewed by Singapore radio stations Jia FM 88.3, LIVE FM 93.8, CAPITAL FM 95.8, NOW FM 93.8, MONEY FM 89.3 and LOVE FM97.2 sharing his thoughts about employability.

He is also a published author of the book ‘Most Valuable Professional: What Every Employee Ought to Know About Staying Employable’ and speaker covering topics on career strategies, career resilience and personal branding at work.

Today, Terence is Principal Consultant of Peet Asia Pte Ltd focusing on working with leaders to align their team and achieve superior results. He has delivered training interventions to multi-generation individuals in the Asia Pacific (Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam).

Terence has been instrumental in the development of the Chinese version of the ADVantage System for the bilingual coaches and clients.